Our Story

It’s about creating comprehensive training and customized learning programs for your all.

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“We deliver our services to our clients beyond their expectations.”

Dr. Sam, CEO, Strategism Inc.

Who We Are

Strategism Project Management is a wholly owned brand of Strategism Inc. We are focused towards certification training on the latest software technologies and project management training. We offer comprehensive training for professionals in Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Salesforce, Hadoop, Java, Android, PMP®, CSM and many more certifications. Our focus is to help professionals add new skills and help them get certified in them. Our highly customized ‘project-driven’ approach and clear focus on optimizing individual productivity to enhance organizational performance promotes efficiency, drives learning effectiveness, and maximizes return on training investment.

Strategism has worked with over 900 clients – ranging from small businesses to global fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of public sector and government entities. More than a million professionals throughout these organizations have relied on our service platform for comprehensive training and customized learning solutions. Through a platform incorporating both web-based and instructor-led training delivery methods, we utilize proprietary techniques for assessing competency and identifying skills gaps, enabling us to develop, manage and administer the ideal training solution for any organization’s needs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers the ability to strategize, develop and execute new training initiatives with optimal speed to remain competitive in their respective industries. Strategism combines unparalleled knowledge and experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and has extensive research reservoir on the world’s most successful companies.

We strive to deliver our clients the most comprehensive and effective learning solutions to enhance individual performance and maximize organizational efficiency. We constantly strive to predict the rapidly changing training industry and develop new services to meet those needs. Furthermore, while we understand that many of the conventional methods remain highly effective, we will continue to implement the latest content, solutions, and technologies to drive results for our clients.

Integrity and ethical business practices are the foundation of our business, and we maintain an unwavering commitment to adhering to only the highest business standards.

Our Clientele

Strategism has worked with over 900 clients – ranging from small businesses to global fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of public sector and government entities.


This is was our customers talk about us.


Sean Parker

Front-end Developer

“If you want to learn from the best, Strategism is a great place for you. One thing that was attractive to me is the PMP classroom training where we could ask questions, have discussions, and get advice from Dr. Sam. I was surprised how organized the curriculum was and how much knowledge he was willing to share with us.”


Linda John

Project Lead | IT Industry”After getting training from Strategism and completing my PMP certifications I not only feel proud, but confident as well, while dealing with clients. I had a wonderful experience; it was the course content of every discipline which motivated me to complete them all, one after another.”slider-2.jpg

John S

IT Director”Strategism delivers once again! Decided to take CSM from Strategism after hearing amazing reviews about them. Turns out everything online about their amazing classes is true! I would recommend Strategism Inc. to all intrested in getting career enhancement certifications.”slider-2.jpg

Elsie J

Project Manager”I attended the Scrum Master training and it was really good, instructor was amazing and detailed understanding and training content was really good. I would highly appreciate to choose Strategism for all your training needs and professional enhancement.”slider-2.jpg

James Walter

CTO”I did my PMP training class at Strategism .I really enjoyed the class taken by subject matter expert like Dr. Sam and Manoj Sahu .I would like to recommend anyone to Strategism as they offer excellent teaching material and excellent serviceslider-2.jpg

Susan Jackson

Sr. Software Engineer”Strategism is one of the best PMP training center’s in Bay area. Very convenient locations in Fremont and Santa Clara. It has a very structured way to progress through the PMP training course and getting certified. From the Orientation to Training to Exam form submission to mock Test’s and finally committing to a Exam Date, the trainer guides the students through all the stages and thus ensuring the success of the students who also are committed to take the journey with him.”