Classroom training is our core training method, and given its traditional in-person modality, it is widely accepted as the best teaching option for learning multifaceted IT and business skills. This format is conducted in a classroom environment and can be delivered at a Strategism training center or on-site at client facilities. Using this method, Strategism can provide off-the-shelf training, as well as customize the course content, instructional technique, class size, or course length to accommodate any organization’s requirements.

Our instructor-led training provides the following advantages:

  • Combination of visual, aural, reading, writing and kinesthetic components
  • Valuable insight, stories and real-world examples from our instructors
  • Completion rate of instructor-led classes is the highest
  • Familiarity of a traditional classroom


Off-site at Strategism Training Center

Strategism’s facilities have the most state-of-the-art technology for providing computer, technical, and business skills training. Our classrooms can accommodate large or small groups, and we offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive course materials, reference guides, and manuals.

On-site at Client Facilities

Our on-site training capabilities translate into more productivity for clients by greatly reducing the planning & scheduling, travel time, and overall costs associated with training. Training at client facilities is delivered with the same commitment to quality service and customization options. Clients receive the following: 1. Workplace comfort and ease 2. Travel time and cost savings 3. Limited scheduling and planning required 4. Training delivered at any location 5. Unlimited size and scope of courses 6. Training guides, tools, and materials pre-delivered 7. Training equipment and technology brought on-site 8. Higher participation rates

We have special customized quotes based on your specific corporate needs. Please get in touch with our sales team for more details


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